UKIP Scarborough & Whitby

Futurist Council Tax Rise


Documents published by Scarborough Borough Council make it clear that the council intends to proceed with the development demolition of the Futurist Buildings on Foreshore Road.

On page 2 of the 2016/17 budget proposal a figure of £4million has been earmarked for ‘development’ of the Futurist Buildings. The development will see the wrecking ball ordered in to raze the theatre to the ground and stabilise the cliffs behind the theatre.

With the local Labour leader Cllr Steve Siddons and his party set to side with Tory Cllr Derek Bastiman and his party to vote for the demolition of the theatre, which has been sadly neglected by the council for decades, the future of the theatre seems sealed.

Some of you will no doubt be glad to see the back of a building you consider an eyesore, but you might not be aware of the finances behind redevelopment demolition.

The council is proposing to demolish the Futurist at a cost of £4million. The council is also negotiating with Flamingo Land to sell the cleared site for roughly £1miilion.

So who is paying for the demolition? We are. Our council tax is being increased to pay for the demolition. It appears that the multi-millionaire developer Gordon Gibb from Flamingo Land will not pay one penny towards the demolition and site clearance as the Tory-dominated council has helpfully suggested we taxpayers pick up the bill. Nice, eh?

You may also be aware that Gibb and Flamingo Land have donated £100,000 to the Tories.

Only one political party wanted to give the Futurist a chance, UKIP!