UKIP Scarborough & Whitby

Election Policy: Parking


Residential & On Street Car Parking

Who controls residential and on-street car parking in Scarborough? North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) have direct control over the charges. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) administrates the system on behalf of NYCC.

Conservative and Labour county councillors implemented Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in Scarborough in 1997/8 and also in Whitby in 2014. Those charges remain in place today.

There are problems with the system that neither party seem able or willing to address. People are tired of stealth taxes, unnecessary bureaucracy and also not being able to park outside of their own homes despite living in a residential CPZ.

If you elect UKIP councillors in the local elections, we will open discussions with NYCC in an attempt to remove the residential parking permit charge for the first car from each household and resolve the CPZ problems with some common sense.

If discussions fail, we will seek to remove the charge for residential parking permits after the 2017 County Council elections and sort the obvious problems as UKIP County Councillors.

Off-Street Car Parking

Who controls off-street car parking in Scarborough? Scarborough Borough Council have direct control over the charges. It is down to local councillors to decide car parking charges.

Local businesses are complaining that not enough local people are using their businesses. Local people are complaining about the high cost of parking in the town centre to access their businesses. There is little wonder that people use the large supermarkets or out of town shopping centres that have oodles of free parking.

UKIP want to stimulate the use of off-street parking so that residents use local traders much more frequently. We believe this will stimulate the local economy by keeping more money circulating within it.

To that end, UKIP wish to introduce a policy of free car parking for 60 minutes in council off-street town centre car parks for all residential permit holders.

UKIP also wish to introduce a permit for residents who live outside the CPZs to enable them to also park free for 60 minutes in council off-street parks. We envisage there might be a small nominal charge for this.

Hospital Car Parking

We will take any opportunity to work with the local NHS Trust to see if there are any viable solutions that can be implemented to end the tax on illness and remove hospital car parking charges.

How will it be funded?

Currently, Scarborough Borough Council produces a large surplus, in excess of £500,000 from parking, and gives that surplus directly to North Yorkshire County Council. It could be funded by simply giving NYCC less money.


Remember, these common sense car parking policies will only happen if enough UKIP councillors are elected to Scarborough Borough Council. You have multiple votes to use in your local election ward, so give them all to UKIP!